About the Conference

    Wise Professors, Respectable Researchers and Dear Students

    in this age of technology, we are witness to Advancement of new technologies in the industry; and building industry, given the huge volume of activity and diversity, encompasses a large part of this growth and progress. This congress has been established with the goal of improving the direct and effective communication of construction industry, including manufacturers, contractors, executives, engineers and researchers. The main topics of this congress include new technologies, concrete technologies, energy efficiency, architecture, design and decoration and more. We have tried to consider innovations in this headings and topics. ICBI2018 is the direct result of years of experience and research done in marketing and effective sales in new ways and we are going to share some of this with all of you.

    Therefore, the Young engineers association of East Azerbaijan Province of Iran, approaches and challenges according to the successful holding of more than five international conferences throughout Iran and their widespread reflection, intends to hold the 1st international Congress on building Industry (ICBI) in Tabriz International Conference Hall, taking advantage of past experiences, dear lecturers of prestigious universities in Iran and in the world and the scientific institutions. This Congress seeks to gather the pundits, thinkers, scholars, policy makers and managers of interested and related organizations, consulting engineers, professionals and fans interested in civil, architecture, urban development, mechanical and electrical engineers explain its concepts and objectives. And be an appropriate opportunity for exchanging information and presenting new research findings. The motto of this Congress "-" is an opportunity for the gathering of pundits, experts and thinkers throughout the world. Holding this Congress, provides the possibility of exchanging ideas and a scientific relation with state and global universities, creates collaboration opportunities  and specialty centers about effect of civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, urban management, new technologies and other related issues with Congress topics on building industry. Accordingly the secretariat of this international Congress proudly invites all professionals, experts, university students, researchers and scientists of industrial, research and scientific centers to participate in various programs of this international Congress and by Attending this international event and presenting their last scientific and executive achievements provide the opportunity to gain the above mentioned objectives.