Paper Submission

All enthusiasts, students, professors, engineers and researchers, by following the article format file, can apply their latest scientific, research and practical findings, in accordance with the conference topics from the users control panel. To do so, they must create a new account and then login to their control panel and apply their papers.

- The official language of this congress is English, but Persian papers are also allowed to be submitted.
- Please note that both abstract and full paper are to be submitted together.
- All papers will be assessed and only papers that has high scientific value are to be selected by the scientific committee.
- Maximum allowed number of pages are 14 to 17 pages.

Sending the Paper files:
- You will be required to submit two files to the congress paper system:
1- Docx file: Microsoft word file that has been prepared in accordance with paper file formats.
2- Pdf file: the pdf conversion of the Docx file.
Please note that the submission will be successful when you receive a Tracking Code. This code will be sent to your email address.
Please also note that you can only send file once; so please make sure you submit the final files and do all the editing. After reviewing, no file alteration is allowed.

should you have any questions, please contact us through the website contact form.